Both my grandparents & {just within the last few months} Jason’s parents, live close to Myrtle Beach. One set north & the other south. We decided to take an extra day off {Monday} & split up our Easter weekend visiting both.

Since I took over 200 photos within the four days, I figured this weekend’s wrap up is definitely going to encompass at least two posts. It all started with a pack list {I make one before all trips}. As the first beach trip of the year, I packed all my new Lilly favorites! {I grossly over-packed!}

We left Friday morning and got down in time for a chilly rainy day of shopping with Mom & Nana {successful as Mom bought the dress for my brother’s wedding!}.

Followed by shrimp appetizers, pork bbq along with roasted rosemary potatoes. Dessert was from a recent church bake sale: homemade chocolate cake & cheesecake with farmer’s market fresh raspberries, blackberries & strawberries.

Mom borrowed my Allora necklace. I love it with her yellow cardigan!

We ended the evening on the couch watching Morning Glory {even cuter than we expected}.

Saturday was beautiful. The beach was breezy so mid-afternoon we headed to the back porch lounges for naps, reading {I finished Black Heels to Tractor Wheels!} & more sun!

Bocce proved to be a willing model though Nana & I couldn’t get him to jump again. How awesome is the view from their back deck & Nana’s flowers?!

We had easy peasy chips & salsa for appetizers. Dinner Saturday night was fresh off the boat baked blackened grouper with farmer’s market corn on the cob, cucumber & tomato salad, & green beans.

Pawpaw, Bocce, Suz self-portrait, food & Easter baskets!

Easter weekend isn’t complete without dying eggs. Mom & I were the most excited about this tradition. I welded the craynon {though some names showed up better than others} while Mom was hands on with blue & pink finger tips at the end to prove it. Dad wanted an ugly dipped-in-all-the-colors egg. Instead he ended up with the prettiest deep purple one!

We redbox’d & watched The Social Network then part of Due Date {before the DVD player messed up & I fell asleep}.

We woke up to Easter baskets with candy & coin filled eggs {since we were leaving after church Nana skipped the usual hunt & hide them inside at the bottoms of our candy filled baskets}. Sadly, I left my phone on the charger so no photos of the 5000 person beach church service from Easter morning. I never feel the Spirit closer than on the beach. Hope you & your family had a happy Easter!

{part two coming tomorrow}