I went to see that movie tonight with a group of very fun & super nice girls. The group is more my friend Beth’s friends. I’d met a couple of them while at her house while watching The Bachelorette this season, but some I met for the first time tonight. We first grabbed dinner and some of us a quick beer at Fox & Hound. The food was good & so was the conversation, but our waitress not so much. Beth & I ended up leaving to get the rest of us seats, another two bought tickets, & the remaining ones waited for our bills & forged our signatures. Needless to say, she didn’t get great tips from us (aka Nicole!).But the movie, it was good! I’d heard the locations were fabulous & they were. Italy was cool, but even stuffed as a I was from my chicken wrap, that pasta, the buy-bigger-jeans pizza, the wine! I loved this scene. Does that look yummy & cool?! {borrowed photo from here}

The pray part was the slowest for me (I remembered it being that way for me in the book also), but I loved the elephant scene & Richard from TX. I’m like her that I’d never have the patience grace whatever you call it to be silent! God would call me to be the Suzie Cream Puff greeter too! {borrowed from here}

But Bali, it was worth seeing to movie to get to the Love part. The scenery there was amazing. I doubt I’ll make it there, but I’d certainly love to! {borrowed from here gotta love google image!}
I thought Julia Roberts was great. I just love her & pretty much all the movies she makes. I’m also a sucker for a good ending!

I’m finishing my night with a little baking…which might incorporate a little of Eat (breakfast & late night snack anyone?) Pray (I don’t burn them like I did last weekend’s muffins) & Love (its almost midnight & I’m baking for my husband). I promised him that I’d make muffins for us to have for breakfast tomorrow. His breakfast being around 3 hours from now since he goes into work at 4am this weekend. He’d be fine if I didn’t make them, but he would probably stop at McDonald’s. And while not made from scratch, Duncan Hines 100% whole grain Apple Cinnamon muffins (with a coupon!) are cheap, easy & relatively healthy. The timer just buzzed so I’m off. I’ll try to post a photo of them later too.