I’m guessing y’all might be wondering what it’s like to be eating for four. I want to remember it myself, so I thought I’d share a quick post.

I eat every two hours or very close to that. If I don’t, I know it & if you’re around me you’d know it too~ I’m hungry, cranky, & whiny. I’m actually better at keeping up with eating during the week. I pack a huge lunch bag full of food & supplement that with my work’s cafeteria. Over the weekends my schedule varies more & I get busy or am sleeping so I don’t eat & drink as regularly. I’m trying to get better at that, but for this post, I’ll focus more on weekday food. Remember my MFM wants me to eat about 3000 calories & I try to drink close to 100 oz of liquid {tons of water all day long}.

I’ve always done cereal for breakfast & continue to do so {around 8a on weekdays}. I switch between Honey Nut Cheerios & Frosted Flakes with Special K with red berries thrown in occasionally. My MFM suggested I switch from skim to whole milk for added calories & fat. I haven’t been able to make the jump to whole, but we do use 2% now.

For probably close to six or more weeks straight, I walked downstairs to the cafeteria & got two scrambled eggs with cheese & a plain bagel for second breakfast around 10:15a. NYE weekend though, I made scrambled eggs at home & they grossed me out so much that I haven’t eaten them since. Recently, I’ve been eating fruit &/or yogurt as a mid-morning snack. I’ve switched to Greek yogurt for the added protein. I’ve found I like Trader Joe’s drinkable pomegranate ones, Trader Joe’s mango Greek yogurt, & YoCrunch just came out with Greek yogurt that’s pretty awesome too.

Lunch {1230p} varies a little more than breakfasts. If we have leftovers from dinner the night before, I’ll sometimes bring them. I eat a lot of peanut butter sandwiches ~ either PB&J or PB&B {banana}. We usually have Target goldfish, pretzel crisps, &/or pita chips at home & those are easy for lunch/snacks too. Hummus works with those if we’ve got it. I usually also get a dark greens salad topped with a ton of veggies & fatty delicious Parmesan peppercorn dressing from the salad bar at work. If I didn’t eat my yogurt for second breakfast, I’ll eat it for lunch dessert. Oh & I’m sometimes wild & crazy & have sweet tea/sprite/diet coke to drink instead of water at lunch.

Second lunch aka afternoon snack is around 245p. I’ll have a cheese stick & leftover chips/crackers. Or an apple & peanut butter. Occasionally almonds & I always have dried mangoes on hand. Ok & maybe there’s a little donut slipped in! I tend to snack for the last couple of hours at work.

I usually nap &/or chill on the couch as soon as I get home from work & then am hungry for dinner 6ish. After the food planning all day long, I’m pretty over the idea of cooking/meal planning at night. Luckily, back in November my mom & aunt came over & stocked my freezer with mini-casseroles. We just finished the last of those. My sweet friend Kelly {hi!} brought over a few more casseroles a couple of weeks ago that work great for nights when I’m tired. We also tend to have frozen pasta bags & frozen pizza that can be made quickly. Jason’s been a bigger help than pre-pregnancy with cooking. I’ll eat chicken but don’t like to mess with it, so he’ll man the oven & can make a mean Kraft mac’n’cheese. We try to do some veggies with dinner also but veggies are one food group I know I’m not making Dr Luke’s goal in. If I want an after-dinner dessert, I’ve been recently grabbing a YoCrunch pie parfait {I love the triple berry pie flavor best}.

A couple hours later, depending on when I go to bed, I’ll either have a snack {maybe dinner leftovers} or jump to my pre-bed ice cream. I read early on in this pregnancy that eating dairy before bed will stay with you longer & let you not wake up hungry. This is so true for me! I occasionally have cereal but typically have strawberry or Oreo ice cream. Top them off with water, prenatal vitamin & iron supplement & I’m off to sleep!

While YoCrunch has provided me in the past with coupons & recently sent me samples of their Greek yogurt & brand new pie parfaits, I was buying & enjoying them before & the opinions written above are all my own.