I don’t love these photos, but they’re the best of the ones I snapped before heading to my friend Laura’s Scentsy party. I think the belly has filled out more on the sides ~ enough that it’s starting to fill out maternity tops like this Loft one as well as making me glad to have full paneled maternity pants like my new Target dark jeans.

How far along? 18w1d

Maternity clothes? Absolutely. This week I’ve been venturing into almost all maternity tops too although I did wear a super long regular top with a normal cardigan {unbuttoned} one day this week.

Weight Gain? not sure but I’ll probably find out at the next appointment.

Stretch Marks? none yet.

Sleep? Getting more used to sleeping on my side surrounded by pillows.

Movement? I *think* I felt tiny punches from two different babies in one day while sitting at my desk at work. Haven’t really felt that much in the last few days.

Genders? Still thinking boys/girls mixture but we’ll see for sure Tuesday.

What I Miss? The ease of just grabbing an outfit from a full closet. My choices are more limited but I know I still have enough to get me through. I did break down & buy 2 more full panel pants {they’re way more comfy for the triplet belly than the low panel ones} & a new top last Sunday at Target. All three were on sale at least 50% off though & I had gift cards.

Food cravings? Still the usual~ pizza, pasta, ice cream. I mentioned my daily food favorites Friday.

Food aversion? Y’all! I ate Moe’s Monday night! My first Mexican{ish} food in months. The Joey Jr was amazing. I haven’t jumped into any more Mexican adventures but very pleased that maybe my Mexican food aversion is over?!

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Our BIG ultrasound appointment in just two days! Can’t wait to see the trips again in high resolution & find out boys/girls. I’m also looking forward to celebrating the babies in the next couple of weeks with family & friends at showers.

Weekly Wisdom? Don’t leave your only pair of maternity pjs in your bed under the covers. Your sleepy kitty might somehow bury under the comforter, cuddle in between your pillows & decide to have a snack {a silver dollar sized hole in the side of your pants}. Thank goodness for Old Navy coupons, sales, & cash back.

Milestones? Eighteen weeks means I’m more than halfway done with my pregnancy. That’s kinda bittersweet because I really love being pregnant. I also know that while it’s been pretty smooth sailing so far, things will be getting bigger, crazier, scarier from here.

The trips have grown into the size of bell peppers for week 18 ~ 5.5 in long & 7oz. The baby center app says the baby{s} are moving & I’ll be really feeling them more soon. It also says blood vessels are visible through their thin skin & the ears have moved to the final position.