Elusive Sleep

This could also be titled, will they ever use those nursery cribs?

Jason started back to work Monday. So last week I started freaking out getting nervous about them & I getting overnight sleep.

I guess I need to back up. Nights one & two home with us, Lucy ‘slept’ in a packnplay in our room. She’s a loud sleeper, we were nervous parents, no one really slept. When Zach came home that Sunday, we’d pulled out the rocknplays. And we quickly discovered why they’re so popular. Both napped & slept in them well. We set up our den like a no joke ‘war room’. Complete with changing table, coffee table turning baby catch all, TV & lamp on 24/7, kitchen & laundry room super close by. And that has worked. Really well for weeks. Until within last couple weeks when we realized L was sleeping better on us or stretched out over a boppy. So we pulled the barely used packnplay out of our room & added it into the war room. Lucy began napping & transitioned to sleeping there with Zach still in the rocknplay.

Slowly, we’ve tried to introduce Lucy to her crib. She’s last fifteen minutes here or there until one night last week she slept in her crib for four hours. I was thrilled thinking we’d turned a corner. Then she went a couple nights where my laying her in the crib might as well been a torture chamber. To save our sanity & give us a few extra minutes of sleep, back into the packnplay she went. She also began sleeping in longer stretches over night. Like last weekend three nights in a row of midnight to between 5 & 7 am while in packnplay. Proud momma right here.

Zach & his littler, reflux tummy hasn’t been able to go a five or six hour stretch. He’s still typically wanting to nurse every three to four hours overnight. But this week, I was feeling like we were doing him a disservice keeping him in the rocknplay while sister was all stretched out. Over the weekend, I placed both in the packnplay where they slept for three hours together, but their combined size had them both on the verge of rolling in the middle. So no more co-sleeping in the packnplay. Zach’s slept in the packnplay on his own a few times & within the past week, we’ve put him in his crib a few times with success too.

But long story short, they’re not in their cribs thus not under the video monitors thus I’m still ‘sleeping’ on the couch with them in the war room. Tell me, I’ll get to get back in bed eventually right?!


  1. LauraC says:

    Those first few months are all about trying different things to figure out what works! And different things work for different babies. I hope you get some good rest soon. Honestly the hardest part is the newborn phase and nothing is ever as hard as that. Nice part about twins, you start with a hard adjustment and each age just feels easier and easier!

  2. Crysi says:

    My twins used to sleep in the pack n play with each other. We didn’t have room for 2 cribs so we set up 2 pack n plays instead. They hit the weight limit on the bassinet insert at about 6 weeks and they were both rolling to the center. After we took the bassinet out, they had a harder time sleeping together so they went into separate pack n plays. Our oldest never slept in her crib. She briefly slept in it as a toddler bed and now uses it as a full size bed. Someday they’ll sleep, but I’m not sure when.

  3. Transitioning out of that rock-and-play sleeper took Sophie forever! But she sleeps in her crib just fine now. That sleeper was too magical to quit using. I held onto it as long as I could. Almost until she was too big for it. My point in all this? Your children will one day sleep on a flat surface. By themselves. I promise. You’re doing such an unbelievably awesome job raising twins. Try to give yourself some grace (easier said than done, I know) with where they sleep. At this point in their lives, if sleep isn’t always on your chest, that’s progress. 🙂 xoxo.

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