In case y’all didn’t know, I work for a Farm based company. Most of the time, that doesn’t mean anything different than most private owned companies. Today though, work hosted a Farm to Fork day. When it was announced I was like, WTH is Farm to Fork?! Well they invited a bunch of local farmers to bring their goods or information about their goods as well as a couple organizations that promote CSAs & NC’s 10% campaign (eat 10% local). Also a fun incentive was free lunch (which included NC State ice cream!) & us being able to wear jeans!

My work friends & I went down around 1030 (it opened at 930) this morning. There was a local bakery there featuring cookies & croissants~ those went really quick! I came home with a large pint of raspberries that were picked yesterday as well as a half dozen apples all for $7. I plan to make raspberry scones & another loaf of this apple bread this weekend. I got some fresh hot apple cider for $1 (it was really cold in that room). They had some guys who have a grass-fed free range beef farm. I don’t eat beef or pork but have told the husband that I *might* if the beef is raised like that. So we’ll see.

Oh the other deal, 7-8′ Christmas trees for $28 that will be delivered to work. I think that was super popular & a great deal (they also had gorgeous wreaths starting at $20). I passed since they’re being delivered the Monday before Thanksgiving & we’ll be out of town and I couldn’t get up with Jason to see if he’d be into that idea. I really hope work does it again in the spring; I’d love to get spring fruits & veggies!