I’ve been on demand feeding the babies since they arrived home a couple of weeks ago. We try to keep them on the same schedule {it makes nights so much easier}, but that doesn’t always work.

They tend to sleep in between feedings, so whoever wakes up first gets put on the boob first. We change their diapers & get them otherwise naked to eat; they stay awake & eat more effectively that way. Plus both drool & make a mess so we go through less clothes if they eat undressed. I will typically start whoever woke first in the cradle hold, on the opposite breast they last ate from. When the other baby is awake & changed {by husband or family helper}, I’ll switch first eater to football hold & put the other on. Only exception to this is if Zach is eating well, he’s small enough to leave in cradle hold & just put Lucy on football.

Lucy & Zach don’t mind being repositioned mid-feed. They also don’t have left/right boob preference {thank goodness}. But like all the multiples books I read said, they are two different people {duh} & thus totally different feeding styles, preferences & issues. As of right now, Lucy is easier to feed. Just put the boob in her vicinity & she’s pretty good. She might need a little encouragement to keep eating & stay awake after a few minutes but rubbing her head or shoulder will do the trick. I cut them off after 30-40 mins, especially L. Zach {who’s still much littler}, has a harder time sometimes. Both still are using the nipple shields, but Zach flails his arms at first {he’s usually been crying &/or excited} so he frequently knocks off the shield. Knocking it off just makes him more upset, poor buddy. But once he’s latched, he’s pretty good.

I’ve been told, by NICU, pediatrician, LCs & books, that they’ll get to be more effective & efficient eaters by their due date {July 1}. I’m looking forward to seeing what that means. Hopefully less time on the breasts & that we’ll be able to lose the shields soon.