Fever by Mary Beth Keane is my books clubs’ September pick. But it became available from the library quickly & even more amazing, I found time to make it there to pick it up before my hold expired.

Fever tells the story of Mary Mallon, who you might know as Typhoid Mary. The author does a great job telling Mary’s story. Making us see her as the human, the lady with real feelings & sense of self behind the scary nickname.

Before Fever, I didn’t know that much about typhoid nor the sanitation of NYC in the early 1900s. I also thought all the discussion of the working class was very interesting. I wasn’t familiar with North Brother island & that sick & seriously ill were isolated like they were.

If you’re interested in reading about the person behind the typhoid headlines, read Fever. But don’t wikipedia her first if you want to be surprised. I did & then it took away some of the book for it. I still thought it was very interesting & a good book.

Labor DayLabor Day had been passed down to me when a friend moved. I’m pretty sure it sat untouched on my den floor for a year before about a month ago I snatched it up.

I read the book in under a week while pumping. It wasn’t a can’t-put-it-down thriller, but I liked it none the less. Labor Day takes place over {you guessed it} Labor day weekend in a small town in the northeast. It’s told from the perspective of a coming-of-age boy in regards to how a chance meeting on this weekend changed his life.

It was good. Not great in a over the top super memorable way. But I’m glad I read it.