The nicest I’ve dressed since I ripped off my work pants as soon as I got home from work Friday was jeans & a tight pre-pregnancy T on Saturday. But as I said in my we’ve been sick post, I was too tired for a photo shoot when I got home Saturday evening & things went down hill from there. Sorry y’all. I promise for a 16 week photo.

How far along? 15w5d

Maternity clothes? I’ve actually been in normal pj & yoga pants {worn low}, tanks & Ts {worn high} the last four days. But definitely in maternity pants & getting there on tops.

Weight Gain? I probably should’ve known my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don’t. So since I know my current weight from my appt Mon, I think I’m up about 15 pounds.

Stretch Marks? None & hoping it stays this way. But I’m being realistic.

Sleep? Tuesday night I was dehydrated & slept four hours in a row. When I woke up at 630 to pee, I realized I might not sleep four hours straight again for a very long time. I’m getting ok with that.

Movement? I know they’re moving, but I still don’t think I feel them yet.

Genders? We hope healthy babies first. But hope for a mix of boys/girls.

What I Miss? Being sick & just worrying about me. I guess “welcome to {pre}motherhood” right?!

Symptoms? This is the last time on this question. The belly. The hunger. I know I’m pregnant.

Food cravings? This week, nothing, everything, fruit & bread. I wasn’t called Suzanna Banana when I was little for no reason {I was not a fan of that nick name}.

Food aversion? Gah! The smell alone of the guacamole that looked so good at the store was just gross while husband ate the hell out of it. Sorry Mexican food. I hope one day we’re friends again.

Labor signs? No, thankfully.

Belly button in or out? Still in. Those belly button piercing holes though are looking pretty funny.

What I’m Looking Forward to? Seeing family this weekend. Showers that are being planned.

Weekly Wisdom? At fifteen weeks, the babies will kinda fend for themselves in me. So while I was gagging & puking trying to get food down at first, my nurse confirmed Wed morning that they’re fine on my reserves {aka hip fat} & I was okay for a few days just sticking with gatorade & ginger ale, bananas & saltines.

Milestones? The babies are the size of apples {four inches & weigh about 2.5 ounces} this week. They’re moving amniotic fluid through their noses & helping their lungs to develop. Their legs are now longer than the arms & they can sense light. Thanks Baby Center app, which I love but wish they had a multiples edition because when it told me I should’ve only gained 5 pounds & might start need to look into maternity clothes, I had to LOL.