I was about to title this post “First Beach Trip of 2010”, but I remembered that I’d been to FL. Oops! But OIB is “my” or even “our” beach since Jason & I got married around there. I CAN’T wait! Toes in the sand, freckles out, a few tan lines, & frosty drinks!! Also hoping to get in some reading time. The weather is supposed to be fabulous. I’ll try to take a few pictures.

Update with photo~ couldn’t resist posting this cute one (the only photo I took all weekend!) of Jason & Bocce. It’s so hard to keep Bocce still. This is the best we could do!So far this has been a good week for Jason & I. 🙂 I’ll update y’all on Jason’s work news & maybe car news next week. We also found out we’ll be getting money back on our taxes!