I meant to post this yesterday but was busy at work, then a coworker happy hour then made muffins for a work breakfast this morning.  After all that, I collapsed on the couch to watch AI.  The short of it: we both really like Dr P & everyone else we encountered at CC & left very hopeful.

I brought my charts from the past 13 cycles. He looked at them & right off said definitely a LP issue {which I’d gathered} but great that I have very regular cycles & am definitely O’ing {which I’d also hoped}. The RE said based on how short my LPs are if he’d seen my charts 6 months in, he would have recommended us come see him then. I told him my obgyn had waived it off {damn midcarolina}. He thinks it’s probably progesterone deficiency but not sure the cause yet. I had blood work done {damn rolling veins meant 2 sticks and bruises today} & Jason did the SA {aka his date with the cup} while we were there yesterday. Yeah, we were pumped we were able to get all that done for just one $50 copay!

My hsg will probably be within 2 weeks {between days 6-12 of my next cycle} then we meet back with him 3/1 to see where we go from there.  Dr. P did said while we were there, based on my short LPs, that we might start with clomid/fermara {because both not only bring on O but also help with progesterone} or maybe just do progesterone supplements.  IF friends, did you have to do those supplements? Or any of these other medicines?  What do you think?

Jason got his test results emailed to him. We got it this morning & his buddies are awesome; like 272 million awesome!! Woohoo! 🙂