We were at the mall Saturday looking for a few things for Jason before his CA work trip. The babies & I passed by Stride Rite on our way to get me a CFA lemonade & I walked in when I saw the buy one get one 50% off sneaker sale sign. A lady measured Zach & Lucy saying L should be a 3 & Z a 2.5.

I met up with Jason at Belk {where he didn’t find polos for the deals he’d hoped} & we went back to Stride Rite.

We found a couple pairs for each we liked. And they were out of those. But they agreed to count the girl sandal sneakers as sneakers for L.

A selfie with Mommy in Macy's then Zach cruising in his new kicks in Stride Rite.

A selfie with Mommy in Macy’s then Zach cruising in his new kicks in Stride Rite.

The sales lady brought out size 3 khaki shoes for Z {they didn’t have the blue/red sale ones we liked, but I think these will match more}. They don’t make cruiser shoes any smaller because ‘most size 2s aren’t walking’. They hadn’t met our strong, kick ass preemie! Luckily the size 3s aren’t that big & if his feet are anything like the rest of him, he’ll grow into/out of them quick. Y’all he looks so cute in shoes. Like a big boy. He didn’t try to take them off. Instead he cruised & crawled around the store & kept them on until it was bedtime.

They brought out white sneakers in 3W for Lucy as they didn’t have 3s. And they seemed to fit well. But I had us try regular 3s in sneaker sandals. And yep, big baby girl has ‘chubby’ topped feet. The sweet chub poked out of regular 3 sandals. So we found rediculously cute pink, orange & blue flowered shoes & Lucy stood in them! First time we’ve seen her stand. She wore them out of the store. And as seen in all three photos below, she played with & chewed on them all afternoon. Girl loves to mess with her toes!


We’ve gone 11 months almost the whole time in socks alone. But for my cruiser/almost walkers who will soon be playing outside more & more, yesterday was perfect time for their first shoes! I’m happy with them & 50% one & signing up for emails got us 20% off the total made the bottom line a figure J & I were both pleased about! Another milestone, checked off the list!