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How do I list just my five favorite fabulous bloggers?! I checked & I now attempt to keep up with around 150 blogs. Some are decorating, others books, fashion, & lots are newly married-turned-TTC-turned-mommy blogs. I think they are all fabulous & I love the different perspectives & ideas my all blogging friends provide.

When I started blogging back in 2008, my first favorites included Matt Logelin, Suz Steece, & Pioneer Woman. I could go on & on talking about how awesomely fabulous they are, but y’all already know that. I’ve also loved & followed my fabulous in-real-life friends BA, Jenny, Alethea, Nicole & Beth since their blogs began. I bet y’all already love their blogs too!

Instead, I want to share with y’all a few of my current favorites: my fabulous BlogHer roommates & Sally & another blogger named Suzanne! I think I originally got to “know” all five of these ladies through twitter. Lucky for me, I’ve met three in real life {only 2+ months til I meet the others}. These are five fabulous women who’s blogs I check out first on reader & then click over to comment on their witty posts. All five are mothers & I’m already taking notes on the sweet, fun, fabulous ways they are raising their children.

I first met Alena of Charmingly Chandler when she traveled to the PW cookbook signing {I found this photo she’d emailed me of the group & it’s the best one of us}. I loved her & her precious daughter Sophia from the start. I also won my first {& so far only} cloth diaper from her! Alena & her fabulous family came back again to hang out before & during Jenny’s triplets shower. From there, our friendship has taken off & then it’s grown even more once we decided to be roomies for BlogHer. I can’t wait to see her again in person & I know they’ll be lots more photos!

Diana of Hormonal Imbalance calls herself a crunchy housewife. I love her honest posts about parenting Bella, ups & downs of marriage & life as a military wife {I’m still sad they aren’t moving to NC}. Her recently post in a bathing suit made me love her even more ~ so brave & looked rock star hot as she prepared to see her hubby for the first time in a while. I’m really looking forward to meeting her in San Diego.

Miranda from Not Super Just Mom rounds out as my fourth BlogHer roomie. She’s an English teacher {I hope she doesn’t look to closely at my grammar!}, wife, mom to Joshua, & PPD survivor. She lead a great blog series recently promoting & supporting mental health week. But she’s not all serious stuff ~ I loved following her #idolsnark tweets while watching American Idol! I can’t wait meet & party with her in August!

Sally of Exploits of a Military Mama sat next to me at dinner after we met PW. The time flew by over pasta & laughter. I’ve followed along {through her tweets, blog & emails} as she’s over come single parenting while her husband was deployed, moving further away, & now her exciting second pregnancy. Sally’s blog is a great cloth diaper resource & she & Sully are just too cute. Photo below is the only one I had of us ~ it’s from dinner & front to back, Sarah, Sally, me & Beth.

I love finding local bloggers. A pretty, talented one who shares my name?! I was hooked on Suzanne’s Pretty*Swell from my first click. We tweeted & emailed then after she invited me, I joined a local Raleigh blogging group & was able to meet Suzanne there. I don’t eat bacon but her post on the NC State Fair had me laughing out loud. Her first daughter {whom she calls Small Fry} is so sweet & she even vlogs. Suzanne just gave birth to baby Sunshine & I’m hoping to be able to get to meet her soon!

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