Twelve. That’s our current number of frozen bags of breast milk. I checked out our stash last night {all I’ve stored from Feb – present} & realized we’re mere days away from a day that’s been looming. The day Zach & Lucy have their first bottle of formula.

Yes, you read that right. My duo have gone almost 11 months on breast milk alone {not including the tsp added to Zach’s bottles}.

With me bringing home approximately 20 pumped ounces every work day & us needing 42-48 oz daily, we use 3-5 bags every night to make 6 daycare bottles & 1-2 evening bottles for Zach. So I’m calculating that we’ll be giving formula by Monday, if not before.

This is a bit of a bittersweet moment for me. After blowing by my 10 week goal, & well surpassing my 6 months of solely breast milk goal, I’d dreamed of Zach & Lucy having only my milk {other than their first days’ donor variety} until they could have whole milk at 1 year.

Looks like we’ll be just a month shy. So I could mourn failing to make that lofty goal. Or I could pat myself on the back knowing 11 months kicks ass & continue to cheer us forward. I’m not giving up on pumping & nursing.

Our new plan will be me continuing to nurse both overnight & in the mornings, pump at work, & nurse Lucy in the evenings. But instead of both getting breast milk bottles for daycare & Zach in the evenings, these bottles will now be a mix.

So my combo breast/formula feeding friends, what do you suggest when it comes to adding in the new stuff? Make bottles half formula/half breast milk at first? Start with another ratio? Will they like it? Anyone have Gerber Good Start Nourish coupons?