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Twelve. That’s our current number of frozen bags of breast milk. I checked out our stash last night¬†{all I’ve stored from Feb – present}¬†& realized we’re mere days away from a day that’s been looming. The day Zach & Lucy have their first bottle of formula.

Yes, you read that right. My duo have gone almost 11 months on breast milk alone {not including the tsp added to Zach’s bottles}.

With me bringing home approximately 20 pumped ounces every work day & us needing 42-48 oz daily, we use 3-5 bags every night to make 6 daycare bottles & 1-2 evening bottles for Zach. So I’m calculating that we’ll be giving formula by Monday, if not before.

This is a bit of a bittersweet moment for me. After blowing by my 10 week goal, & well surpassing my 6 months of solely breast milk goal, I’d dreamed of Zach & Lucy having only my milk {other than their first days’ donor variety} until they could have whole milk at 1 year.

Looks like we’ll be just a month shy. So I could mourn failing to make that lofty goal. Or I could pat myself on the back knowing 11 months kicks ass & continue to cheer us forward. I’m not giving up on pumping & nursing.

Our new plan will be me continuing to nurse both overnight & in the mornings, pump at work, & nurse Lucy in the evenings. But instead of both getting breast milk bottles for daycare & Zach in the evenings, these bottles will now be a mix.

So my combo breast/formula feeding friends, what do you suggest when it comes to adding in the new stuff? Make bottles half formula/half breast milk at first? Start with another ratio? Will they like it? Anyone have Gerber Good Start Nourish coupons?


  1. Crysi says:

    Wishing you good luck vibes. Since forumla tastes different, it could be a challenge. It’s the same when switching to milk at a year. I’d start with a little formula with mostly breastmilk & gradually increase until its all formula. That’s the method you’re supposed to use when switching to milk too.

    Congrats on nursing so long! That’s a huge accomplishment, especially while being a working mom of twins.

    • Suz says:

      I figured we’d start over the weekend with adding a little formula mixed in with their bottles to get them used to it. Thanks for your comment & advise!

  2. LauraC says:

    11 months is AMAZING.

    Ditto Crysi, give them small amounts of formula because they make not like the taste. To not waste breastmilk, just make small bottles to start (1-2 oz). Also, moving from breastmilk to formula can often cause constipation so get the P fruits ready and stop giving rice cereal (if they are eating it).
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    • Suz says:

      Good call on trying small amounts first! Every ounce is precious now that we don’t have our back up stash to fall back on!
      & thanks for the reminder about constipation. I just remembered hearing about that… good times!

  3. Kristi says:

    We mixed to start. More bm than formula. 2 to 1 ratio. We slowly got it to 50/50 and then 1 to 2. One of mine did not mind formula at all. The other didn’t so I kept pumping to mix. We only used Good Start and swear by it! Good luck and congrats!

  4. CIndy says:

    That is amazing. I made it to 7 months of pumping for my twins, but we started mixing early on. Since they are so close to a year could you skip the formula and go straight to milk? I would check with your pediatrician. Is it worth adding in formula just for a month? I think we started a few weeks early with the permission of our ped.

  5. Julie says:

    You are absolutely awesome! Great job feeding your sweet duo. I am facing this crossroads with Isaac – he’s almost 11 months and I’m just not producing like I used to. I really don’t want to do a transition to formula just to wean off it so soon, but I am not ready to completely replace a feeding with whole milk. I just ordered a bunch of herbal stuff (mother’s milk tea, fenugreek, blessed thistle) to see if that helps keep me going for another 4-6 weeks. I was able to nurse Em until she was 16 months so I really hate to cut little man off so soon!

    I hope it is a smooth transition not matter what you do. I know in my mind these things always seem too daunting to figure out at the start (like feeding solids). Thankfully all the pieces fall into place and life just keeps on going!

  6. Jill Hopkins says:

    That is amazing! Congratulations on making it to 11 months!! My little girl had formula early on after a bad pediatrician experience and has only had it a few times since those early days. She gets it when I don’t pump enough at work, too. I’m okay with it and know she will get some more before she is onto cows milk. I cried over it early on but then came to the realization that the pump just isn’t the same as a baby’s mouth so, if I’m going to work, I have to accept that I may have to supplement.

    I suggest mixing it, that way it won’t be a huge shock.

  7. molly says:

    You did amazing, Suz! Don’t you feel bad for one second! And just so you know, we started whole milk/formula combo at 11 months. Doctor said it was fine.
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  8. WOW! I am in total awe 11 months is incredible, a massive pat on the back.

    I combo fed from the beginning as I had massive supply issues and never managed to produce enough for both my babes. I personally prefered to alternate BM and formula bottles so not mixed in one bottle, except when I was reintroducing my lactose intolerant boy back onto BM, when I did combine. For the mixed bottles (once he was fully reintroduced) my appraoch was to put in as much BM as I had.

    I have since read an article about how mixing BM and formula is hard on their digestive systems and I have wondered whether this was possibly part of the cause for my boys terrible colic, but at 11 months old I doubt you will have this issue with Z &L

    Good luck
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  9. Sarah says:

    Like a previous poster said, I combo’d formula and BM from the get-go but never mixed them. I could see how you might want to do that to ease the transition at 11 months though. Maybe try a formula only bottle and see how they react? Mixing might not be necessary.

    I think nursing/pumping for 11 months as a working mom of twins is absolutely AMAZE.BALLS!! I only had one kiddo to pump for and I never managed to get enough for her to be excusively fed breastmilk. Way to go Momma!!!
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  10. Miranda says:

    Dude. Your boobs are rockstars. The have nourished not one, but TWO, tiny humans for 11 months. THAT’S AMAZING. So when you’re done, buy those girls a beautiful bra, okay? They’ve earned it.

    As for combo feeding, Joshua was combo fed from pretty much the beginning since I suffered with low supply. We never mixed his formula with his breast milk but just did it as a separate feed. So, he’d get breast milk bottles during the day, and formula bottles from bed time until the morning. You might try introducing the formula in a sippy cup since they’ll transition off of bottles and onto sippys as some point in the coming months. That might also signal to them that it’s something different.
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  11. Anni says:

    My pediatrician said for me to start using whole milk at 11 months. I am pumping so much right now that she said it would take a good month for my breasts to shut it down. She suggested half breastmilk and half whole milk instead of using formula for such a short time. I double checked with her since the babies were preemies and she still gave me the go. I suggest checking with your ped to see what they recommend for that last month. On the other hand, congrats to you!!! This is HARD work and 11 month is FABULOUS! Oh and if you do want to try and breastfeed exclusively until 12 months, try Reglan. I got a script from my doctor and that stuff works so well after 1 day.
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  12. Allison says:

    Wow! 11months with two! You are amazing. Seriously, pat yourself on the back. I made it to just over 11 months with both my girls (2 years apart, not twins) and essentially weaned through to the 12-13 month mark. With both we started working in whole milk just a little after 11 months. If your pedi gives the go-ahead, whole milk is probably going to be easier than switching from breast milk to formula to whole milk in such a quick span. Are they tolerating yogurt and cheese just fine? If so, I wouldn’t think milk would be an issue. Unless formula is needed to boost calories or something. Good luck!!!!

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