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Please tell me I’m not alone here.

You think you’re doing the “right” thing, replacing your beloved F word with a replacement, freaking. No, it doesn’t pack the same punch. No, it doesn’t perfectly describe your mood, or attitude, or pain at stepping on that toy (again). But freaking doesn’t turn heads said in the driveway by you as a 34 year old.

But you know what does turn heads?! Your 3.5 going on 17 year old daughter using phrases like “what the heck! My freaking cheese has a rip in it!” Or “Mommy, help me, I can’t get my freaking coat off.”

I mean what do you say? I had to bite my lip so hard to keep from cracking a smile. Part of me so proud of her correct usage in a sentence. Most of me like OMGosh did that just come out of her mouth?! & girl, please don’t say that! It’s not a good adjective for little ones!


So yeah, anyone have (another) favorite, preschooler-repeating-friendly alternative to my beloved F word. And Eff doesn’t work either. Thankfully the real thing or “eff this” has yet to come out of this sweet face.

Don’t even get my started on “What the heck?”. I’m not sure why, but that phrase is in so many of L&Z’s current favorite movies?! Sigh. And OMG is Gosh or Goodness from me. But it’s become Zach’s favorite phrase for all his good, bad, exciting things & we don’t love that either. Sigh. Maybe I need multiple phrase advise!

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I have no advice, but OMG yes! I use all of these and then hear it come out of my 3 and almost 6 year olds mouth and cringe. Oops. 🙂

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