Two Saturday nights ago eight of us gathered in Charlotte for a girls night sleepover. We arrived at Jen aka Speed’s house around 6. We immediately dove into the dips & snacks we’d prepared. Kathleen, of the Lusher fame, lived up to her foodie status and made an amazing Mexican layered dip. BA said she was bring Dortitos, she didn’t but I can’t remember what she bought {maybe chips etc to go with K’s dip?!}. Sarah G made brushetta & crack dip.  Alethea brought hummus, ranch dip & veggies. Sara made a great spinach dip. Poeiap Sarah made homemade salsa~ oh so spicy & delicious! I brought Nana’s Cheese Straws.

I’m pretty sure we had more alcohol on hand than most frat parties on a Saturday night: Firefly, American Honey, wine (white), wine (red) & more wine (champagne).

Jen made her now famous caramel bars aka better-than-sex bars. We munched on them then refilled our drinks. We laughed as Jen introduced us to XBox Kinet’s dance game. Then took turns dancing too~ so fun & a bit of a workout!

All that dancing meant chillin’ on the floor, checking out & playing on each others’ phones & Jen’s ipad. Then time for more snacks & refills. Oh yeah, remember that sangria? That fruit sounds really good about now!

We talked & laughed & shared funny stories all. night. long. Things might have gotten a little TMI & maybe even what some would consider inappropriate, but not much was held back with this group of friends.

Sarah & BA even attempted to give me camera tips. Don’t blame them for the rough looking ones on here. Firefly + laughing + Suz = blurry photos.

The late night girls. At 3am, everything is funny! Even Suz & her non-stop photo taking, I hope?!

Oh so much fun ladies! Thanks again Jen {& baby Cora} for hostessing us all! Can’t wait to together again in April for the March of Dimes walk if I don’t see y’all before then!