So I was going to save my BlogHer thoughts to last, but I’m too excited to not hi-jack my own guest post series now. I’ll probably do another pre-BlogHer post before I leave. Then you can bet I’ll have a few after I return from sunny San Diego.

It seems like there have been a lot of posts popping up this week about BlogHer. Ones like Katie‘s, Suzanne‘s, Diana‘s, Miranda‘s & Alena‘s about their nerves. I commented on all these awesome womens’ posts reassuring them that it’s all going to be fine {except for the kid-at-home parts because I got nothin’ on that}. My comments made me realize, I’m not nervous {at least not yet} & should I be?!

I don’t feel nervous about clothes & other things I’m packing. I’ve read a bunch of BlogHer advice posts (like Kate from Guavalicious Life’s on clothes & on packing, Mandy whose includes her outfit photos as well as Suzanne‘s), & checked out photos on Facebook, & blog posts from last year. I know I’m over packing, but I’d like to have options {another post of this subject to come}.

I’m not nervous about being a newbie. Morgan from the 818 made me smile last Saturday as a I read her surviving the BlogHer panic post. Lindsay from Linz Loves You had me laughing out loud with her own twist on BlogHer advice for newbies like myself {those photos got me too}. I know they’ll be lots of  newbies & BlogHer veterans alike all there to learn & meet people & have fun.

Maybe I should be nervous that Suz’s Treats is a “small potatoes blog” in comparison to so many others. But honestly, I think that makes me not nervous. I think because a lot of people will not have already heard of me/this blog, there won’t be unrealistic expectations that I will have to live up to. I can just be me. I hope that brings people here, but if not, I can honestly say I’m happy with my current readers & still typically blog for me.

I’m guessing the nerves might hit for me the week before? That night I fly in & try to find Miranda & Katie in the airport/hotel or meet my Wed night roommates for the first time? But all of that will be cured by the first glass of wine or hug or tweet from a new BlogHer11 friend or text from one of my roomies!

Over all, at this point excitement is winning over those pesky nerves. I can’t wait~ only 3 weeks to go!