Thanks for coming back for part four of my BlogHer guest post series! {if you missed Suzanne or Suzanne ~ yep two of them, read their posts & I jumped in Sat}.

Alena of Charmingly Chandler is one of the reasons I’m going to BlogHer. Back in the fall, when I learned she was going, I emailed her & BA & asked, should I go? What do I need to know before I decide & if/when I decide, who would I stay with? Alena’s resounding YES & WITH ME has had my excitement brewing since then. I’m fortunate enough to have hung out with her twice before & can’t wait to spend four days in San Diego with her soon.

Roommates.  I haz ’em.

In fact Suz, Miranda & Diana are mine, and they are awesome.

When I read about blogher last year I knew that the only way I’d be able to swing it is to have roommates.  I didn’t know who was going.  Or how to find roommates.  Or how to pick the right roommates.  But here I am, the conference is upon us.  And I have the most awesome roommates (if you have roommates and you think yours are awesome, I’m sorry.  But mine? AWESOMER!).

I know you all want to read about something that may be helpful or encouraging or funny.  But instead I’m going to tell you why roommates (especially mine) make the difference.

I have people in my corner.  If I get overwhelmed, or drink too much, or feel all alone in a sea of bloggers…I know my roommates have my back.  I know that I can text them or meet up with them if I feel like the lone blogger.  I know that one of them will surely help me back to my room if I can’t remember my room number because the cocktails were strong.  It’s a safety net.  And I don’t know if I’m brave enough to have gone into Blogher with out one.

Also awesome about roommates?  Someone is on the look out for conference/party info when you can’t be.  We are IMing, texting, or FBing about things we see so that there’s no roommate left behind.  We’ve compared plans, and schedules.  It’s really helped me feel prepared.  Again, this has been vital in keeping me from freaking out about blogher.

Another awesome thing about MY roommates?  We are all new to this.  Now to some that may come off as a disadvantage.  No one to give us advice.  But that’s what twitter is for.  To each other we can geek out, squee, CAP LOCK SCREAM with excitement, look like dorks, obsesses over things the old timers don’t care about….and it has made the weeks leading up to BlogHer even that much more fun.

The other great thing about my roommates?  I’ve gotten to know 3 fellow bloggers better.  We were all friends on some level before we became roommates.  But we know each other so much better now.  I think we’re better friends.  We are closer.  And it’s something that wouldn’t have happened if I had roomed solo.

Plus? We split the room 4 ways. WINNING!

This may not help anyone for Blogher11.  Since it’s SO CLOSE and changing plans would be rather difficult.  But Blogher12 will be here before you know it.  So if you’re thinking about going next year….roommates.  It’s the way to go.

So glad & proud that I can call Alena roomie! Go show her some love at her blog, Charmingly Chandler & on twitter as @alena29. Then be sure to come back Friday for a post by another one of my kick-ass roomies!