Welcome back to my Going to BlogHer, now what? series! {Did you miss Alena’s post about roommates?}

It’s getting to be crunch time, so I’m featuring Miranda from Not Super…Just Mom‘s post today. I was so happy when Miranda joined up with Alena & I as roomies then even more excited as I’ve gotten to know her online. After seeing her & hearing her sweet southern voice via Skype last week, I really can’t wait to meet her & I bet you already love her too, right?

In theory my head I am an awesome, seasoned traveler.

Staying in hotels (even the dumpy ones) is fun. The little soaps and shampoos and neatly folded towels! The freshly made beds every day! Free pens! Traveling is an adventure!

I sound eye-rolling ridiculous, right? Right. I know. ::sigh::

We didn’t travel much when I was a kid. If we did, it was from one corner of the state to the other to visit family. We never went on single family vacation. We never stayed in a hotel (except that time we lived in one…) It just wasn’t in the budget. Ever.

Since virtual reality machines don’t count, I’ve only been on a plane three times. (If you count round-trip flights as one ride, that is. Six times if you don’t. And eight if you count the plane changes on my Honeymoon.)

In just over two weeks from the time I’m writing this (Monday night, a full three days AFTER I said I’d have this done, in case you were wondering) I will be boarding a plane to head west to California. Farther west than I have ever been.

Despite any notions of adventure, I’m not accustomed to traveling and there are things about this adventure that terrify me.

Things like, should I leave my car at the park-and-ride for an entire weekend? Will it be safe?

Are the TSA agents going to laugh at my mom-flab when they see it on the scanner? Will I have to get all up-close-and-personal with one of them in the name of my protection?

I am also paralyzed with fear at the idea of taking my southern accent and pearl earrings across the Mississippi. I feel all country-mouse-goes-to-the-city when I think too much about this conference.

But the excitement of traveling to a new place is like crack that I just cannot quit.

That is how this whole BlogHer trip has become for me. Crack.

I’m excited to breathe new, Pacific-coast air. I’m excited to meet new people. I’m excited to attend parties and wear dresses! Hell, I’m mostly just excited to wear clothes that don’t have drool stains and toddler snot on the shoulder!

I’m excited to learn things about how I can do this whole blogging thing a little better than I am doing it now.

How many more days do I have?

I’m looking forward to that Pacific coast air too, Miranda & a hug from you in a week & a half! & no worries, BlogHer has become my crack too! Anyone else?!

Be sure to keep up with Miranda’s BlogHer {& other} adventures on her blog & also on twitter as @notsuperjustmom. & come back next Wednesday for my third roomie’s post!