fulfilled promises & great (twitter) customer service! {One last cat litter post & then I promise I’m done!}

After making this post & some earlier & later tweets back & forth with @bestcatlitter, they offered us free bag of the cat litter they suggested to us. Of course, I gladly took them up on the offer. But honestly, I thought wel,l some things that sound too good to be true, might be just that. But today I came home from work with a World’s Best Cat Litter box on the doorstep. Moekitty must have know what was inside because he was VERY curious. Inside they gave us a 3.5 lb bag of the multi-cat litter & a mat that I plan to put under Moe’s litterbox.

I took a photo of what the box contained then my usually photo shy cat jumped in the photo! {He’s a fan & says “thanks”!}

I had bought a large sized bag of the standard World’s Best & plan to use that up before totally switching to the multi-cat version. But I bought a bag of the mulit-cat two weeks ago and added it in the box with the other. I do think it helped cover up smells better. So far I haven’t noticed it clumping all that much more, but like I said, it’s just a little mixed in for now. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does. And we will certainly see soon & for a while becuase we are well stocked now. Since I had a $3 off coupon set to expire 9/15, I bought a bag Saturday & now thanks again to World’s Best, we received another in the mail today!

I had been buying World’s Best Cat Litter on my own (with the help of coupons) for months before World’s Best Cat litter gave us this bag. Big thanks to them, but the opinions & photos in this post are all mine (well & Moekitty’s).