Happy Earth Day! I’ve had a busy few days & have a lot of posts to share this week. But since it’s Earth Day, I thought it was appropriate that I post this one first.

For the past two years, I’ve watched online as others participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Change. Creating & then beating the Guiness World record for most simutanious cloth diaper changes world wide.

When I got the email for the 2013 GCDC, I was excited that the day was plan free & I finally had babies to change! It’s a one-to-one baby adlt ratio for the official results, so the plan was for Jason & I both to go. But you know how plans go, our kitchen sink started leaking Thurs night. After going without a kitchen sink Friday, we realized that wasn’t going to work & Jason stayed home to fix the sink while I took L & Z with me to Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique for the GCDC. I dressed Lucyfor the day in her new Diapershops cloth diaper T & wished I’d won/bought one for Zach too!

Sweetbottoms has just opened a new location so they were celebrating the move as well as the GCDC Saturday with 10% off all purchases, music, ventors, door prizes & swag bags. We did the change itself in their old store then shopped & entered for prizes in the new one.

I was thrilled to hear my name called by my friend Beth & her infant twin boys when we arrived. Beth & I & our four babies took over a corner of the store. We were a sight between my crawlers & her car seats & trying to change four cloth diapers! It was very fun though.


Wrangling Zach & Lucy prechange; Beth & our two duos; the crowd at Sweetbottoms & Lucy up to no good on the couch modeling her Cloth Diaper tee.

We saw babies as young as 10 days old & toddlers in onesies & baby legs. There was lots of babywearing & breastfeeding too ~ all the crunchy mommas of Cary came out I supposed!

I’m looking forward to next year’s GCDC with my then toddlers!!