When I saw today’s meme {what you can grow} for Capture the Everyday, my first thought was my nails {thanks prenatal vitamins}! Then I realized Melissa meant something green.

I can easily show you what I can’t grow. That, my friends, is the shamrock plant my aunt brought over when I hosted bunco St Patty’s day. One month later that bad boy is done. My mom swears she’s never heard of anyone killing a shamrock plant. My green-thumb’d Nana said they require a lot of light {which it wasn’t getting on both my kitchen & then dining room tables}.

But due to magic {I know it’s not me}, the tiny little day lillies I planted our first spring in this house {Apr 2006} are thriving again this year. I noticed when I took this photo today that they are thisclose to budding flowers.

Half black thumb, half green thumb equals grey right?! What can you grow? Anyone else think Melissa meant hair/nails/babies?!

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