Before I forget, I wanted to make a quick post about last night. Last year Jason went to work dressed as an office zombie and it was a big hit. Our friends Beth & Dave decided to have a Halloween party this year with costumes required/encouraged! Jason thought of bringing back the zombie idea. After seeing Zombieland recently and not really having any other or better ideas I thought why not?! Most of our other friends were sticking with couple theme; Ellen & Clark Griswald, Cousin Eddie, Cow & Got Milk, etc. Jason thought it would be funnier if one of us was a zombie and the other a zombie catcher/killer. He researched it and thought he could pretty easily be Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, as zombie movie I haven’t seen. So we ran around yesterday getting white face makeup, black hair dye, black lipstick, fake blood, ripped a jacket from Goodwill & an old black skirt & white shirt for me. Jason cut & bloodied up an old dress shirt of his and trimmed his facial hair into a goatee. He also made a cricket bat & name tag like Shaun has in the movie. I think it worked out well. I definitely freaked myself out when I’d see myself in a mirror last night! And UPDATE, when I saw the pictures I wondered why no one told me I looked that BAD! Next year I wanna be something cute!!!
Beth & Dave did a great job with the food & beverages. I think everyone had a great time last night. We saw them at Bojangles this AM if you know what I mean!! 🙂