Happy {super late} Halloween from my strawberry {Lucy & my banana {Zach}.

Lucy girl all dressed & ready to go {in my aunt’s arms & giving me a ‘what’s going on, Mom?’ look}!

This photo captures Zach’s personality to a tee!

Their daycare had them dress up & we sticker treated from room to room. Jason, my aunt & I went to carry the babies around. And take lots of photos!

Our strawberry & her Daddy in the daycare classroom.

Zach the banana & headless me in the middle of Sticker Treating.

They did great & Zach got warm & comfy enough that he slept through the last rooms in my arms.

Our first family photo in way too long! Happy first Halloween babies!

 I changed them back into their costumes once we got home from daycare expecting trick-or-treater to arrive. We hadn’t had any by 7p. Of course once I got them into {non-Halloween themed} pjs, a group from our neighborhood stopped by. Oh well! I’m looking forward to us joining the neighborhood group for 2013 trick-or-treating!