Oh MLK. Thank you for your dream & for my work believing as I do that you’re worthy of a holiday. Thank you too that our daycare remained open.

Before the RSV diagnosis of last week {also see why I’ve been blog MIA} & husband’s bout of flu at.the.same.time, I had lofty plans for today. To do all the things! Shop! Sleep! Read! Blog from my laptop instead of cell! Catch up on photo editing! Cook & bake & make baby food!

The the sickness came {back} to our house leaving me single parenting two sick babies with the help of my Dad & the my mom. And my doing everything possible to stay well. So today, even though the babies are just starting to feel better, we packed them up at 10a & dropped them at already paid for care. I raced home {after splurging on CFA & stopping for bananas}, to pump & then nap. Nap without an ear out for crying babies & half an eye open watching the monitor. It was an hour & a half of glorious.

Then, because I still wanted to do all things, I ate, pumped again, baked pumpkin muffins & made avocado & banana purées. I didn’t really shop {I don’t really count online right?!} or get to read more of the hilarious Jen Lancaster’s new book & my DVR is still full. But that’s okay. I got my {much needed} break.

And I’m on my way to pick up L & Z on their 8 months old day a few hours early having heard from their teacher that they were fussy & crying most of the day. I’m feeling a bit renewed. My patient momma tank a bit more full. Ready to see how the evening goes & {never thought I’d say this} looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.

Ever taken a Momma break day for yourself?