Welcome 2009! Hope everyone has a very happy new year!

Thought I’d do a quick 2008 year in review.
Jan/Feb/Mar: I became president of the Raleigh Area Chi O group. Jason had surgery to remove the pins in his hip from his skateboarding injury. So we laid low while he was recovering. We traveled to OIB to be with family and get a little beach time in for Easter.
April: Jason started taking IT night classes. We went to Midlo for Mollie & Colin’s couples shower. I traveled to Charlotte for Kim’s bachlorette party. My parents came to Raleigh for a visit.
May: We went home to Richmond for Mollie & Colin’s wedding. We enjoyed another long weekend at OIB over Memorial Day weekend.
June: We went to Charlotte and had a great time with college friends at Kim & Jeff’s wedding. I went to Hilton Head with my aunts & grandparents for a long weekend.
July: We enjoyed another great beach weekend in OIB over July 4th. The following long weekend, we traveled to Atlanta (my first time!) for my work conference then were able to visit Jason’s family and go to Jason’s mom’s family reunion on our way home.
Aug: We went to visit my parents in Midlo then convinced my parents to join us in OIB the following weekend. We also spent Labor Day weekend visiting my grandparents and getting some beach time in. We’re definitely very fortunate to have a close by, free vacation spot!
Sept: Thanks to my parents we were able to continue our tradition of getting NCSU football season tickets! My favorite part of the fall! Sept had 3 home games (2 home wins & one loss) and included a great reunion weekend with my college buddies and their significant others! Jason turned 35 on the 11th! Sept 29th we low-key celebrated our one year anniversary. Jason started a new job at Cisco this same day!
Oct: We went to Leanne & Cliff’s wedding in town (a first for us!) and got to visit with a bunch of former coworkers of mine in first weekend in Oct. We watched FSU beat State in a heartbreaker on Thurs night (also the first night of the fair and Jason almost missed the game with the traffic!)
Nov: I took a moms & daughters trip to Philly the first weekend in Nov. My parents came in town and we tailgated with one of my best friends & her parents for the WFU game. It rained but state won and we had a great time! We went to OIB to meet up with both sides of my family for Thanksgiving.
Dec: We enjoyed last month with lots of cookie exchanges! I turned 27 (I’m getting old!). We went to Midlo for the Christmas weekend. We rang in the new year last night with wonderful friends at the home of Beth & Dave!

I’ve always been a big reader, but this year with Jason having class at night I renewed my love of reading. I joined the Raleigh nest ladies book club and helped start a Chi O alum book club. Both of those motivated me to reading things a little out of my norm which has been awesome. My goal was to read 50 books in 2008. I only made it to 46. So I’m renewing that goal for ’09.