The little car we got them for their birthday has been a huge hit. Lucy *loves* to be inside it. She’s learned to open the door, crawl in, honk the horn & get herself out. If she’s on the wrong side, she’ll weasle her way in without the door! It’s hilarious. She tends to be just as happy sitting as she is standing.

But her favorite thing about the car is being pushed while in it. Luckily, Zach’s favorite part about the car is pushing it! Jason was quick enough to get a video last night. {It was pj day at school & Zach wiggled out of my arms as I was changing him. So he’s still in his pj shorts & that’s it.}

{can’t get it uploaded?! But it’s crazy cute.}

These videos from Tuesday night though I think I uploaded correctly. Zach’s walking!! He’s up to 4-5 steps typically from something surdy like our coffee table to us in the middle of the floor. He’s so excited & proud of himself. We’re proud too!

This one’s from Wednesday night, mix match day at daycare. He walked his farthest yet!