We started a home improvement week on Monday! I’ve started taking down the 80s wallpaper from our kitchen with the help of my friend Beth’s steamer. I redid our guest bathroom last winter, and using a steamer definitely makes wallpaper removal much easier!
My parents and my beach grandparents are coming up tomorrow to help (as well as trade back SUVs)! We’ll finish the wallpaper removal and then paint the kitchen pale yellow this weekend (hopefully!!). My Nana is finishing up the kitchen curtains as I type! My Pawpaw is great with woodwork and painting so we’re really gonna put him to work. A tree fell on our deck over a year ago, but we’ve never had the deck damage fixed. I’ve taken some “before” pictures and I’ll post them with the “afters” next week. 🙂
I can’t wait to show off the new kitchen at a couple of events I’ll be hosting soon.