I just got home from a whirl-wind trip to Hilton Head. My aunt told me over Memorial Day weekend that she was meeting my grandparents & my other aunt & uncle there, so I tagged along. Last week ended up being crazy~ busy at work and plans every night! So now I’m home and wondering where the last 2 weeks have gone! I loved the trip~ great condo, time with my family, location, pool, beach, bike rides, restaurants & yummy drinks!!
But now I’m catching up on TV and waiting for Jason to come home from class. It’s nice to hang out with the Moester and watch what I want (not what the fam wants to!). I can’t wait to see Jason~ this is the first time we’ve been gone from each other since the wedding. So my treat tonight is being home (& cuddling) with my husband again!
I’ll post some pictures next time!