My ten year high school reunion is Saturday night. Let that sink in. I graduated ten years ago. I’m old.

I’m excited to see people & catch up. But I’m also kind of nervous. I haven’t seen the vast majority of my classmates in the past ten years. I’m wondering if I’ve lived up to mine {& others} projections of where I’d be ten years after HS graduation. I think I thought I’d have a better job & at least one child by now. I thought {& am so glad} that I’m happily married & proudly showing him off {I mean bringing} him along with me. I’m wondering why I’m not thinner/fitted or didn’t lose those 15 {let’s me honest, more like 30} pounds before this weekend! Too late for that although Alethea & I are walking again tomorrow {every little bit helps right?}.

I’m also not sure what to wear. I bought Gap Long & Lean jeans this weekend. I was thinking of wearing them with a dressy top & heels. My mom thinks I should dress up more. I think I’ll just over pack to be sure. What’d y’all wear to your HS reunions?

I promise to bring a camera Saturday night so I can show yall my outfit, my old HS friends & what the reunion {& the yummy sounding pomegranate martinis} were like!