I know a good number of women who’ve dealt with IF.  A good friend at work, a college friend, & a few internet turned IRL friends.  I am so thankful that I spoke with them all before my HSG.  They told me their thoughts, experiences & recommendations.  Because I got so much out of being prepared, I’m putting this out here in case it can help anyone else be ready for an HSG.

The poor woman in line in front of me at the RE had no clue.  She was by herself, annoyed that she had to fill out paperwork & wait, and told the receptionist she had to go pick up her kid 30 mins away soon after.  That lady, she needed some of my friends.  I, on the other hand, felt very prepared.  I was ready for worst case senaro.  Jason was there to drive me, I’d taken the rest of the day off work, changed into yoga pants, socks & a Tshirt, and taken 4 Advil.

They had me empty my bladder before I went back {do people pee on the doctor? I didn’t wanna find out} then undress from the waist down {I kept on my socks}.  Dr C came in & I met her for the first time {Hi I’m half naked Suz, welcome to my lady parts}.  She was awesome though!  So nice & explained everything before she did it.  Dr C had a hard time getting the spaghetti noodle sized tube {her words} up & said might need to dilate me but since it’s very painful, she’d try just releasing the dye.  Thankfully enough dye was able to get though, into the ute & up & over & out both sides.  Awesomely it worked!  Clear tubes!  Successful test! I have to say I yelped as it was going through & the nurse held my hand.  It was about as painful as I expected {thanks to my friends explanations}.  A tear or two might have also escaped.  But it was kinda cool to see my ute on the ray machine.  I stayed on the table for a minute after to recover.  Then cleaned myself up, got dressed, & paid my $50 copay.  I hobbled to the car {the pain & megapad made it a little difficult to walk normally}.  I had a little gift medicine {thanks Speed!}waiting for me in the car.  I swallowed that with a Wendy’s Frosty on the way home.  I was able to curl up on the couch for the rest of the night.

I woke up Wednesday still a little crampy, slept in then took some more advil and went into work.  By yesterday afternoon, I was feeling pretty normal.  Today I feel 99% fine.  So long story short, it was painful, but it’s totally worth it to know that my ute/tubes are clear!  We go back next Tuesday for the results for all three tests & to see what Dr P recommends for us.  Thanks to all who were thinking/praying for us with this test.  I really appreciate it.