A popular drinking game in my high school & college crowds was “Never Have I Ever”. Someone would say a phrase beginning with “never have I ever” & if you’d done that, then you drank. Example: never have I ever kissed a boy. Simple, easy & fun. Usually led to lots of laughs, stories told & tipsy friends.

My “never have I ever” list now is much the same, yet there’s so much different or maybe just different priorities. Now I think my social circle talks in Never Will I Ever…spank, bottle/formula/breast feed, EBF, co-sleep, daycare, public school, home school, cloth diaper. That list can go on & on.

Using reusable pads aka Momma Cloth would’ve been on my list as recently as the beginning of this summer. It’s not something I would have bought. I think I might have even skipped over a few of my friend Sally’s blog giveaways for it thinking, “gross” or “how weird”.

But {you knew that was coming right}, some Charlie Bananas & a Willow Pads reusable cloth pads were included with the rest of the green swag from the Haute Green party while I was in San Diego. That night as I was ruffling through the bag, I brushed them off. Sunday morning as I was packing, I pulled them out of the box & actually felt them~ soft, fluffy, & with super cute pink/blue fabric backings. After {TMI alert} leaking through undies due to progesterone supps all that week, I realized instead of liners that I’d trash {& forgot to pack to BlogHer} or having to change undies frequently, I could just try momma cloth.

So for the TTW portion of my next cycle, I slept wearing Charlie Banana pads. No leaks, no mess. Their comfort & softness make up for any bulk they might add.  I haven’t worn them to work but did one Saturday with a skirt/jeans & didn’t feel like anyone could tell. They washed easily in my normal laundry & in time, I’d imagine they’d also wash well in a cloth diaper load. Admittedly, I haven’t been brave enough to rock them during my period, but I can see my “Never Will I Ever” stance cracking there too.

What’s on your “never have I ever list”? What’s something that was on that list that’s changed recently?

Edit: Since I originally wrote this about a month ago, I tried sleeping in cloth while AF was in town. It was different & a tiny bit messy, but the pad came out clean in the wash & was more comfortable than a heavy tampon. Also, Charlie Bananas & Willow Pads have not sponsored me {beyond that they sponsored the Haute Green party}. I’m pretty sure they don’t even know who I am & don’t know about this post. My opinions are uninfluenced & all my own.