Sorry I’ve been MIA on the blog recently. We were having much fun in the sun at Ocean Isle til last Sunday. Then it was a quick & busy 3 days of work then Jason & I left for my work claims conference in Atlanta. I’d never been there since I was really little. We stayed in Buckhead and we were able to just hang out together, window shop at Phipps Plaza & Lenox Mall, run around Six Flags, attend some kinda boring meetings & eat way too much yummy food. Here’s a picture of us at our new favorite restaurant down there (Dante’s Down the Hatch). Our table was actually in an old elevator and it overlooked the ship (& the moat with 3 real alligators!!)I also enjoyed my first time at The Varsity. Oh and I’d recommend the Tavern at Phipps as well~ my chicken caesar sandwich there kicked booty! Thanks so much to nestie Jules_NC for the fabulous restaurant recommendations.
After Atlanta, we were able to stop by and visit with Jason’s family from Sat afternoon to Sunday. His mom’s dad’s side of the family had a family reunion on Sunday. There were around 100 people there~that’s just Jason’s aunts & uncles, his cousins & their kids. It was pretty cool. I was able to meet more of his cousins & uncles and also spend more time with the ones I’d met at the wedding. My extended family is so much smaller in comparison. I’m not sure I have all the names down yet, but I’ll get it some day!