Heather B Armstrong’s It Sucked Then I Cried had been in my TBR pile for a long time. I’ve never been a huge dooce reader, but I still purchased it soon after it was in paperback. I got through just the first chapter or two when I had to set it aside.

You see, It Sucked Then I Cried isn’t infertile lady friendly. Everything Heather says sucks {pregnancy & all the symptoms}, I was wishing, hell, begging for. So I didn’t find it funny. At the time, it broke my already sensitive heart.

I thought I’d revisit it now that I’m postpartum & flying through books reading while I pump at work. It Sucked Then I Cried was very appropriate pumping reading. While I still scoffed at her being upset they didn’t get pregnant the first month, I didn’t judge her pregnancy experience. & I was able to laugh & commiserate through the sections on labor & her daughter’s infancy.

If you’re a dooce fan, I recommend this book {but you’ve probably already read it}. I think other new moms would enjoy it too, especially if you’re looking for someone who overcame PPD/PPA. If you’re fighting infertility, stay clear until you’re well on the other side.