I’ve mentioned before that we’re cloth diapering the babies & even that we’re using cloth diapers at daycare. Over the last 6 months of using cloth, we’ve found a few favorites. I shared my AppleCheeks love a month or so ago. I’m posting my itti*bitti diapers love today.

I was first introduced {& given} a itti*bitti small d’lish AIO in saffron at BlogHer11. Then I found my local cloth diaper store had a papaya small d’lish SIO {snap in one} on clearance & I bought it up while I was pregnant.

The babies have worn these two itti*bittis so many times. They’ve been on multiple wears per week rotation both for at home & daycare. Daycare, I’m sure, loves it’s just one row of snaps. I love how trim & fit they are. They’ll work under the most fitted baby clothes which works well if you’re like me & like to get just one more wear out of that favorite but probably outgrown outfit.

I also love that these soft & fuzzy dipers wash & dry really well. Unlike other diapers that I have to put together & stuff because others can’t match, itti*bittis snap inserts are color coded which makes getting them from dryer to baby very easy.

6 week old baby Lucy in the papya itti*bitti d’lish SIO

The size small has worked well for my preemies for a long time. Itti*bitti says the size small goes up to 16 pounds & I’d say that’s accurate. Lucy no longer fits in our beloved smalls. But Zach still does. Here’s him this morning in the d’lish AIO.

Zach {& ever present monkey wubba} in the small Saffron itti*bitti d’lish


Happy Zach & his itti*bitti d’lish


Zach showing how the d’lish is trim fitting enough for his 3-6 mo onesie to still fit.


About a month ago, I reached out to itti*bitti. I shared my love of their diapers & wanted to try a size medium d’lish {fits 14-26 pounds} &/or one of their one sized bitti tutto diapers.

Just a bit later, I received a medium d’lish SIO in Chocolate & a tutto in Zeebra to add to our itti*bitti stash. I immediately washed both & put the Chocolate diaper on Lucy the next day {the rise & overall fit was much better than the too-small small for her}.

I was wondering if we’d need to wait for them to fit into the one sized tutto, but I was happy to see that one the smaller snaps, the tutto fit great for Zach & Lucy. The cool thing about the tutto is that the inserts can be used in a bunch of ways. So far, I’ve been using the shorter insert with a soaker pad attached & it’s worked great. No leakage issues & their “poop fence” definitely lives up the the hype. This diaper is supposed to last up to 44 pounds & I hope so!

My busy bee Lucy paused for just one minute while playing on the floor after daycare in the itti*bitti OS tutto in Zeebra.

Itti*bitti also sent us a Zeebra wetbag saying I’d find a multude of uses for it. They were right. My favorite use for the wetbag so far is that I’ve thrown it in my purse with a few clean diapers & a grocery bag for a quick trip out. The print is bright & fun, & the wetbag is compact yet still roomy enough for four diapers.

I think itti*bitti diapers are great choices for those looking for cloth diapers that are trim & hold up well over multiple uses, washes & through the dryer. Especially for those wanting to stay away from pockets. We’re big fans in our household for sure!

I received three of our four itti*bitti diapers for review purposes from itti*bitti, but I did not receive other compensation. All opinions expessed are honest & my own.