My friend Jenny is having triplets!! ::pause to let that sink in:: Now squeal with excitement & go check out her blog, jennandtonica.

This past Saturday four of her great friends (Beth Anne, Laura, Sarah (aka @gassmama) & Jen (aka speedglenn)) threw her a shower in Charlotte. Alethea & I left Raleigh around 9 am. We arrived in Charlotte around 11:30a. My parents happened to be in Charlotte last weekend so Alethea & I stopped by my grandmother’s nursing home to say hi. I also used that time to put on make-up. 🙂

We met up with Sara, Katherine & her husband Shon, and Alena her husband Cody & their precious little one Sophia at Brixx. The company & artichoke pizza A & I split was awesome. The heat & my resulting sweatiness, not so much! A & I (mostly me) overheated my car while attempting to dry sweat/cool off on the way to the shower. LOL. Sadly I don’t think we took any photos here.

I’m waiting on some photos of people from the shower, but for now I’ve borrowed a few from BA of Jenny & the fabulous food! Jenny looked amazing! It was so wonderful to meet & hang out with her friends. She was showered with fabulous gifts too including crib, stroller, & lots of cloth diapers (remember she’ll be going through around 40/day!).

The hostesses made such yummy food for us. My favorites: Jen’s caramel aka sex bars. Here’s where she orginially got her receipe, but she eliminates the espresso.
I don’t have a photo of these, but Jen’s Pumpkin Gooey Bars were amazing! It’s a Paula Dean recipe, so you’ll have to ignore the fattiness or just eat a little bit. They would be perfect to take to a fall potluck (especially if you have skinny coworkers/friends! ha!).

Jenny & friends have been calling the triplets PB&J. In honor of that, BA made felt PB&J’s for all the guests which is jsut too cute. They were attached to a box filled with her Oreo Truffles. I saved the truffles until dessert Sunday. Jason & I both LOVED them. They will be made soon.

Alethea & I were having so much fun hanging out with all the women after the shower we kind of forgot to leave! It was almost midnight when we realized it! So as the others were off to bed, we got a second wind thanks to diet coke & one of those pumpkin bars and headed back to Raleigh. I got in bed at 3:30a ~ most definitely the latest in years! I slept til 12 and chilled all day Sunday. Saturday was such a great day! Thanks for including me Jenny!