Juggling the Unknown

I glance almost nervously every time my work phone rings wondering if it’ll be daycare saying one of the babies is sick. I make very few plans because I never know when they’re going to be sick. I’ve had to cancel a couple of the {very, very, very few} play dates of which we’ve been invited due to sickness.

And while we’ve dealt with our share of sickness this winter {on a three week well run WHAT WHAT?!}, it’s not just that. I never know what to expect anymore.

Am I going to find happy, chirping babies when I get off work? Or whiny, fussy, clingy ones? Will I have time to make dinner or will I cram cereal down at 930p?

Will the evening go smoothly & I’ll have time to unwind with my e-reader & clear off a show from the DVR? Or will I be totally whipped well after my own bedtime from wrangling over-tired babies?

As a newish mom, I struggle with juggling all the unknowns of motherhood. From diapering to sickness, teething & crying, to sleeping & solids. I’m guessing I’m not the only one adjusting to the new normal.

That’s something I love about my online community of bloggers & mothers; that I can write a quick post or shoot off a tweet & like it or not {mostly like it}, I’ll have more experienced mom friends offering advice or cheering me on. Because I need it more often than not.


  1. LauraC says:

    It is a really tough adjustment! I feel like the first year of parenthood sets you up for the long haul…. we still have no idea if we’ll have a crap night or a great night. It mostly trends towards positive but we still have the random bad unexpected night. It’s just never, ever as exhausting as having two sick babies though.
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  3. Allison says:

    Oh, I’ve been there. I’ve been passed there. I’ve been sobbing on my living room floor because it seemed like our family would never stop being sick all the time and we’d never catch a break and anything that could go wrong would. But you know what? During those times you just have to put everything nonessential on hold and just do what you’ve got to to survive. And you will survive. And all those things you wanted to do so bad, like play dates and catching up on TV and having somewhat of a social life, will still be there. Really. You can go this and you are doing it and you are doing great.

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