I glance almost nervously every time my work phone rings wondering if it’ll be daycare saying one of the babies is sick. I make very few plans because I never know when they’re going to be sick. I’ve had to cancel a couple of the {very, very, very few} play dates of which we’ve been invited due to sickness.

And while we’ve dealt with our share of sickness this winter {on a three week well run WHAT WHAT?!}, it’s not just that. I never know what to expect anymore.

Am I going to find happy, chirping babies when I get off work? Or whiny, fussy, clingy ones? Will I have time to make dinner or will I cram cereal down at 930p?

Will the evening go smoothly & I’ll have time to unwind with my e-reader & clear off a show from the DVR? Or will I be totally whipped well after my own bedtime from wrangling over-tired babies?

As a newish mom, I struggle with juggling all the unknowns of motherhood. From diapering to sickness, teething & crying, to sleeping & solids. I’m guessing I’m not the only one adjusting to the new normal.

That’s something I love about my online community of bloggers & mothers; that I can write a quick post or shoot off a tweet & like it or not {mostly like it}, I’ll have more experienced mom friends offering advice or cheering me on. Because I need it more often than not.