Ketchup is a Vegetable

I can’t think of another more appropriate book to read while pumping or sitting waiting at a pediatrican’s office than Robin O’Bryant’s Ketchup is a Vegetable & other lies mom’s tell themselves.

I think I scared other women who were using the restroom attached to my office’s pump room I was laughing so hard reading this. Over her big berthas. And that both her mom & her husband seeing her naked at the same time was too much. About dragging her screaming daughter across the mall. I was laughing because I’ve been there or know I will soon be there experiencing the amazing craziness that is motherhood.

The stories of her daughter’s made me happy to be a girl mom. And the chapter on boy mom versus girl mom made me be even more so glad I’m both!

I cried reading the last chapter. Because life is short. And I now can’t imagine it without Lucy & Zach. And even when they’re driving me batty in all the best ways, I’m so thankful to be there mom & to be the one that’s being needed & loved by them.

I’d recommend Ketchup is a Vegetable to all new moms. Or moms to be or Shuggies {her precious term for grandma} to be. Laugh & commiserate then pass it along to a friend.

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