Last Hurrah of Summer

We sent summer out with a bang enjoying one last warm weather weekend at the coast. This time with my mom’s side of the family near Pawley’s Island, SC My parents, aunts, uncle, & my Papa along with my cousins & their precious 16 month old who we met for the first time. It was a blast seeing the 3 baby cousins play for the first time.


Thurs night fun

Fri morning we shopped for a bit then hit the beach!


Fri evening, the grandparents & great-Papa hang out with the littles while us parents got away! We enjoyed beverages & delicious fried food at Bisqit in the Hammock Shops.


Our Sat morning plan was coordinating outfits & baby cousin photos on the beach. Well my two freaked about being put down on the sand. L still wasn’t having it on a towel. Baby cousin photo fail but still cute none the less.


Since we were dressed similarly, I attempted to have family take some pics of the four of us. Not sure we got a great one of all. But there’s a few funny ones of us trying!


Saturday was our last day. We were busy soaking up our last sunshine of the summer, playing with toys, snacking under the tent & learning to say ‘bird’ instead of ‘duck’ to everything with wings when L started feeling bad.

J & I took her to urgent care then made it to dinner with everyone in Merrils Inlet.


In between all this fun was the beginning of a toddler stomach bug. Times two. L throwing up Fri am, Sat afternoon & night, Sun am & on the way home. Zach was {& still is} having issues out the other end. We’ve done a lot of laundry & given lots of snuggles & BRAT diet foods.

So thankfully for a great last summer weekend!

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