I wrote part of this thankful on a Thursday post at work today. Now that I’m home from the NCSU vs Cincinnati game (& the Wolfpack WIN!!), I thought I’d type it up while it’s still Thursday!

What I’m thankful for this week:
*New nail polish inspired by the fabulous Pioneer Woman. I also bought the OPI color Suzi loves Chocolate. Its a great mix of red & brown & will be perfect for fall & winter.
*Baby showers~ especially for triplet babies! Can’t wait to squeal over them & squeeze them & their fabulous mom on Saturday. I’m also so thankfully excited to see my internet favorites Saturday!
*Thursday night football games! When we win! On ESPN! And we don’t have to drive (thanks Kelly & Brett!) And I just finished my period so I could drink knowing we’re not pregnant {yet!}.
*I believe tomorrow I will be thankful for sleep, Excedrin, water & cheesy grits from the cafeteria. 😛