I’m tempted to place blame on my super Daddy of a husband in this post, but I’ve been a bit nervous & more protective than I expected. When I learned our babies were going to be born early, I figured we wouldn’t be taking them out & about right away. Hells, when I learned I was having multiples, I knew I’d been intimidated by that. But I figured it wouldn’t take us three months.

But aside from pediatrician appointments & a quick visit to each of our works, these babies haven’t left our nest together. A couple {Lucy’s had two & Zach one} walks have been taken, but it’s been hot. With my mom on tow, Lucy, in the Moby wrap, went to a baby store, BJs & Lowes Food about a month ago. She did great; sleeping her way from place to place. Two Saturdays ago, Zach joined Mom & I out to return my rented Symphony & go to Harris Teeter. Mom used our Ergo carrier & Z slept the whole time.

So yesterday I was feeling a bit stir crazy & hungry. I love dining out & while take out is good, it’s not the same as a restaurant experience. I brought up eating out Monday morning. The husband didn’t immediately say no. {I took this as a good sign.} Later when he mentioned craving Relish take out, I popped out ‘what if we all went?’. Husbands’ parents are in town & were game, so I began preparing for a 7p dinner at 530. Getting non-spit-up covered clothes out for myself. Clean, cute clothes & disposable diapers out for the babes. Waiting for them to wake up, nursing Zach, then handing him to Jason for burps & dressing while I then nursed Lucy. I got her & I dressed while Jason put them in the car seats. And off we went. We were just five minutes late {pretty sure I’ll never be ‘on time’ again}.

And I think it went well. Babes enjoyed the car ride. Zach fell right asleep at the table, only waking once we were done eating. Lucy stayed wide eyed for a while & then got sick of the car seat seconds before our food was served. J & his mom took turns walking her & eating until she fell asleep. Once we gulped down our delicious food, we called it a success & left before anyone melted down.

Zach slept 3.5 hours in his crib & Lucy fell asleep at 1115p last night. So their trip out did good things to them too. Watch out world, we’ve made a {little} step out of our nest with the two babies!