As you saw from the below post, we lucked out & met awesome ladies who gave us their extra tickets when we went to sale site Tuesday night. Yes, I was that dork that posed for Beth by the sign! Because we now had tickets, we slept til 345a and we’re at the Convention Center by 430a lined up. We had brought animal crackers & trail mix with us and ate that waiting for everyone to line up by their number (those without numbers were lined by in another area of the upstairs ballroom). We walked downstairs with our NJ ticket friends & into the snake line around 440a. They let the first group in a little after 5 and we got in around 520a.We were probably a little overwhelmed at first! I saw a cute pink fleece first, then went to dresses & shoes. Then accessories (grabbed perfume, a couple of murfee scarves, napkins & calendar) before heading to the samples/seconds section. By the time I made it there all that was left was a couple of these tops.

Beth & I found each other, grabbed a few more things like pants & skirts, then went into the farthest corner to try it all on (the “dressing room” line was crazy long). We made friends with other Lilly Lovers near us and traded around for sizes and deals (that’s how Beth got her $10 dress). Since we were close by the sample boxes, I was also able to find Beth $20 capris when one of the super nice ladies who were working the sale put them back.
Don’t we look happy yet exhausted (especially since I’d temporally lost my mascara in the car)?!

I think we did one more lap around (I found a hotty pink men’s polo for my dad) & ran into someone who went to HS with Beth who was 36th in line. Lyndsey had picked up a few of the $30 murfee scarves from the sample/seconds boxes & Beth and I both decided to buy ones they didn’t want. We went back to “our” corner and tried things on again before totally things up on our phone calculators and then really deciding what we NEEDED to have!

Below is a photo of what I came home with:
From clockwise at the top (I’ve linked to the website if its still there & added the price I paid): Men’s Beach Polo ($19), Lindsey pants in True Navy Big Bam ($59), Murfee Scarf in Purrfect Paradise ($30), Michelle Sleeveless Ruffle Polo in hotty pink ($39), Bess top ($10), Goldy Dress in Shorely Blue Swirly ($79), Worth Shift Lace in Aquamarine in the Swim ($89), Shirley Sweater in pink salmon ($69), 2010 Time Flies calendar ($5), Wink perfume w/ wistlet ($19). Not pictured: $5 key fob (its already on my keys & in my purse!

I was so happy & excited with my purchases that I had to wear something Lilly to work today! (Please excuse the mess in the background & the fact that I look like I haven’t slept!) I think my best deal was either the perfume & lil bag for $19, murfee scarf, or the Bess top in PB Pearl (orginially $98) for $10. Percentage off-wise, the ruffle polo was my worst deal (orginially $68, I bought for $39), but I love it! & think it’ll be my new favorite weekend go to top!
After sharing our stories with friends & family, I think we’ll have a big group for next year! I already can’t wait to do it again!