I tried. I really did. I’ve had the photo of this book as my “What I’m Reading Now” for at least two months. I’d pick it up, read a couple pages, then put it back down. Repeat for two months. This weekend I really tried to get into it. I read to page 90, so I “got” the characters, but I found that I didn’t give a crap about them. I didn’t {and still don’t} care what happens to them. So even though I really rarely do this, I gave up. I’m going to put it on the shelf and maybe come back to it later. Maybe at a different time & a different frame of mind, I’ll like Clare & Cornelia.

But for now, I went to the next book in my TBR pile, Sue Monk Kidd’s The Mermaid Chair. I’ll admit I also grabbed it because it was one of the thinnest books in the pile! I’m ready for something good but interesting & easy to read. I’m only on page 9 but so far so good.

The January book club pick is Hotel of the Corner of Bitter & Sweet. Book club is January 5th, and I’m still 36 back on the waiting list. Hopefully, people will read & return it quickly. That way I can get it before going out of town, but I’m not holding my breath. I might just be going to book club to seeing everyone!

What are you reading now? I’d love to get some new book recommendations. And happy reading to you!