My Lucy girl. You’re eight months! So close to ONE that some days I want to put a book on your head & stop time. Other moments, I’m so excited to see what’s coming next from you.

You’ve become our escape artist this month. Daycare calls you a magician. No matter how we fasten you into a seat be it a bumbo or bouncy seat or the circle ones at daycare, you manage to hurl yourself out of them.

Because you want to be on the floor. On the move! This past month, you learned to crawl. And now there’s no stopping you. You’re so cute doing it too ~ arms swing around like a freestyle swimmer, knocking over everything {including your brother} in your way. You can crawl up over toys & into the excersaucer & across the room to get to want you want; typically your brother, toys, car seats or me.

No more putting you in one spot & you still remaining there minutes seconds later. This is very fun but also means that we will soon be breaking out the baby gates & pin we got to contain y’all.

Lucy 8 mos

Your new favorite object is our remote control. You love fighting your daddy for control of it. This past weekend, I bought you a remote of your own at Target. You like it a lot, especially if Dad plays with it first & you manage to ‘steal’ it from him. Speaking of stealing toys, you’re kinda getting famous for this at home. Anything Brother’s happily, quietly playing with suddenly becomes your most.favorite.thing.ever. It’s cute & funny for now. As the bigger sister, you get away with it. But lessons in sharing are coming.

At the doctor last Friday {a follow up to check your breathing from having RSV}, you weighed 16lb 11.5 oz. You’re mommy’s big girl although the PA Thursday kept calling you a lil peanut! Sometimes I forget that you’re actually on the smaller side for your age!

Lucy girl wears mostly 6 month clothes & pjs, but I’ve brought out some 9 month Carter’s outfits & ordered 9 mo onesies from Target for the first Valentine ’s Day.

Loved this so much I couldn't shrink it.

Loved this so much I couldn’t shrink it.

The one size & medium sized cloth diapers fit really well. Although thanks to your first round of ear infections & antibiotics, you’re currently crying through our first bad diaper rash. We’ve been trying the myriad of samples of creams & trying what the pediatrician recommended for fighting yeast. Because of all this, you’ve been wearing your size two disposable diapers recently. I noticed at Target Sunday that you’d fit in size threes now too. I’m not ready for that. Size three sounds all grown up!!

You remind me that you’re not grown up when it comes to eating. You’re so silly. You immediately start complaining when you see that bowl & spoon. Even before you taste the solids. I’m trying my best to outsmart you because I know that somewhere deep down, you’ll love bananas, avocado, peas, & sweet potatoes. Eventually. Thankfully, you’re still a rockstar nurser {morning, evening & occasionally overnight} & drink your bottles down without a hitch every day at daycare.

You’ve slept through the night just enough that I know you can do it, Lucy girl. It takes the perfect combo of a short post-daycare nap, a lot of mommy’s milk & snuggles right before bed. Plus a few sleep dances from me & fingers & toes crossed. 😛 You’re on your way to being a great sleeper & we love to hear you wake up in the morning on your own. All coos & wiggles from your crib {which you haven’t quite managed to escape from, yet}.

Happy eight months {& three days} to you Lucy!