Miss Lucy girl keeps us on our toes. She loves people & doesn’t like being alone or unwatched. Her ‘chatting’ has reached new levels. It’s hilarious, unless it’s 3a like now & she’s ooohhhing & cooing. But she’s so cute & smiley about her chats that you can’t be annoyed.

I think she’s discovered her fingers within the past week or so. All the sudden, she’s staring at them in addition to shoving them in her mouth. She’s also an occasional thumb sucker as well as enjoying her wubba which she likes but can live without.

Lucy has adjusted to daycare swimmingly. Eating for others? No problem. She takes all of her four ounces bottles. Then coming home & switching back to the boob like the eating champ she is. She’s gotten pretty efficient breastfeeding – ten to twenty minutes. She’s started this thing of spitting up. More after the fact than immediately that we plan to ask her pediatrician about Wed {we asked he called her a Happy Spitter & said no worries}.

Speaking of the pediatrician, at the appointment yesterday, she weighed in at 13lb 11oz & was 24.5 inches long. I believe that’s in the 25-50 percentile for her actual age & more like 50-75% for adjusted age! Because of her on-the-chartness, we no longer have to fortify her bottles. Yay Lucy!

Our baby girl will sleep 6-8 hours straight. Earlier this week, she was exhausted from daycare, fell asleep at 7 & decided 330 am was a good time to get up for the day! But typically she’ll fall asleep on the way home from daycare, nap for a bit in her car seat or swing while I unpack from the day, nurse & hang out for a bit before going to sleep between 8-10p & getting up between 5-730a. I’m quite thankful for this sleeper!

She has fun playing on the play mat {although still not a tummy time fan}, will tolerate a bouncy seat & our infant-to-toddler rockers. Daycare says she likes the excaucer but we haven’t put ours at home together yet. She loves the swing, especially if she can glimpse a view of the TV from it. Girl is a fan of football already. Not sure if its the green grass background or just colors in general but it cracks us up.

Lucy wears mostly size three month clothes with the occasional 0-3 & 3-6 mixed in. I’ve been trying to work in NB dresses as tops/tunics with baby jeans or leggings, but she doesn’t like tight necks over her head.

She’s still in size 1 baby dry disposables for overnights. But cloth diapers all day at daycare {post on this to come!} & evenings & weekends home with us. As of this week, we’re officially calling her as outgrown the XS Thirsties covers. The M Bumgenius AIOs {thanks for letting us borrow Poe} fit her pretty well already even though were still squeezing her in the size 0 kissaluvs.

Happy four months {posted six days late}, baby girl! {updating with photo later I promise}