Where do I even begin?! It’s hard to convey Lucy’s wild little personality in words. How she’s hilarious & shy & a pistol all at the same time. Toddlerhood isn’t for the weak. Lucy can go from legs kicking tantrum because she gave me her sock but then wished she didn’t to laughing & smiling 2 seconds later.

Lucy is kicking butt at learning her body parts. This is mostly thanks to daycare, but she knows & often points/touches while saying eye, nose, ear. She points to her feet/toes & loves to show off her tummy & belly button.

She uses the signs ‘all done’ & ‘more’ while saying them too. She’s started calling J & I Daddy & Mommy vs Dada & Mama. She even said ‘bye Daddy’ when J dropped her off at daycare Fri. She says duck & owl {ok, ok I might be brainwashing my Chi O legacy} & we can understand her trying to say puppy & bunny.

Speaking of bunny, all the sudden miss Lulu is obsessed with stuffed animals. Her favorite is her North American Bear Company baby long legs Bunny. The arms, legs & ears are perfect for her little hands to hold & snuggle. If Bunny is mia, her second choice is one of two dolls. She says baby all the time. Not sure if she’s calling her dolls or herself that. But it’s so cute. The stuffed owls I amassed in college have a new use as some of her favorites too.

Books, push & riding toys & shape/stacking blocks are other favorite toys she likes second to the stuffed animals. She likes to play dress up more now too. Wearing my bracelets, putting toys on as bracelets & loves shoes {mine or discovering ones I’ve bought sizes ahead for her}.

Of course, anything Zach has is exactly what she wants. Even if it’s not really something she usually plays with. She loves Zach more than he sometimes likes her too. She’s still learning the concept of soft/gentle touches as we received a few incident reports 2 weeks ago of her biting multiple friends a day! We’re practicing lots of being a ‘sweet girl’ at home & hugging Brother vs tackling him. This is a work in progress.

It’s wild to think just a few months ago I was pondering when she’d walk when now she’s walking & running everywhere. The stairs at my parents’ house this past weekend were a treat as she learned that she could walk up them holding the rail bars & Mommy’s hand.

Lucy’s our big girl. Thankfully we haven’t been to the doctor for a few weeks {2 weeks is a long time for JMA to not see us :-/}. Since we’ve been well {yay!} I don’t know her weight but I’d guess 24-26 lbs. She’s still fitting well in 18 month clothes & we’ve moved out of Gymboree & gap 12-18 into 18-24 mo there. She’s in size 4.5w stride rite shoes now.

I bought our first set of size 4 disposable diapers at Target this weekend. Daycares been sending notes home saying our one size cloth diapers are too small for her. I’ve been letting them out bigger but also sending in a few disposable diapers if they feel like the diapers I dropped off that am don’t fit L.

Lucy loves to eat. Pizza, string cheese, fruit, applesauce from squeeze tubes are some of her favorites.

Happy monthday baby girl!


Lucy: the serious, silly, inquisitive, bossy, hands-behind-back, awesome.

{Wrote back on Oct. 20. Publishing unedited & unfinished. Sorry, Lucy girl such is life these days keeping up with you & Z.}