Happy first Thanksgiving to Lucy! We’re so thankful & grateful for her arrival & health. And thankful to the joy she’s brought to our lives.

Six months {& exactly one day from the time this will post} since Lucy girl arrived! It feels like she’s been here forever & at the same time, like no time at all! This month has been another big month for developments & changes.

Lucy loves her feet. She has a blast on the changing table playing with her knees & reaching for her toes. She loves to stick out her long tongue & ‘chat’ L & B sounds while we’re getting her dressed too.

She will bust out the biggest laughs when Jason’s blowing raspberries on her tummy or when I give her loud cheek kisses. She isn’t as quick to smile at everyone, but it’s worth it to work a little for her smiles & the best sounding laugh.

I place them on blankets in the middle of the floor to play when we get home at night. She’s been rolling from back to side to belly around for a little while. Now she’s doing full on rolls where we can’t leave her on a blanket without turning around to find that she’s rolled off. She’s also having fun playing with toys now. Y’all saw her having fun with the NA Bear Co squeaker in that review post. She’s a fan of this toy elephant & this colorful ball/rattle too.

She likes tummy time more now {thanks daycare} & will push herself up pretty high on her arms. Her knees though, aren’t quite pulled up under her yet.

We broke out the exersaucer this month & Lucy’s a big fan {especially when she turns herself to be able to watch TV too}. She still likes the swing & is okay in the bumbo seat although I think she’s outgrowing that as she tries to push herself up & out of it.

All the sudden Lucy has hair. It’s very fine & whispy & light brown. I can’t wait to put {little} bows in it, if she’ll let me.

And speaking of accessories, Lucy’s firmly wearing 3-6 month clothes. I’ve squeezed her in a few Carter’s 3 mo separates still & she has one pair of Circo 3 mo pjs that still fit. Carter’s & Old Navy 6 mo clothes that I thought would be too big for the holidays fit her great. We’re putting her in wearable blankets at night over her pjs to keep her warmer.

Lucy still loves food. I’ve bumped up her bottles from 4 oz to closer to 5 oz for daycare. She takes her time nursing with me as she thinks it’s serious business that can’t be interrupted.

Lucy is our better sleeper at night. For the past week or so, she’s going to bed around 8p {sometimes 730, sometimes 9}, and about once or twice a week, she’ll sleep until we get her up around 730. Hallelujah! Although my boobs don’t mind it if/when she wakes up for a quick night feed around 330a.

She’s wearing size two Luvs diapers overnight and mostly our AIO cloth diapers {loving the AC size ones still but she’s starting to outgrow the itti bitti smalls} during the week. I tend to use the Flip inserts & covers & BG AIOs with her for the weekend.

I plan to take her 6 monthday photos before we head out for our family Thanksgiving weekend. I’ll update with photos when I can.