Oh Lucy girl has developed & shown off quite a personality this month. Always our serious baby, she was the outgoing one flirting & smiling at strangers at Costco two weekends ago.

She’s our wild child. Throwing herself into our basket of books. Speed crawling our of the den & down the hallway into their bedroom before you can turn your head. Shutting doors. Grabbing our cell phones or remotes when she knows she’s not supposed to have them & giving us the I’m-being-devious smirk.

She’s also ridiculously sweet. She loves to cuddle ~ her head fits right into our necks. She will pick up Zach’s wubbas & hold them out to him. Lucy get so excited to see him ~ sometimes a bit over-excited. She might’ve horse-collared his pjs last night in an attempt {we hope} to give him a from behind hug.

Lucy’s still our big girl. I weighed us on our scale & fully dressed she was just over 22 lbs. I’ve began retiring all her 9 mo clothes to daycare & consigning. 12 mo Carter’s & children’s place fit her well. We sadly had to put away these precious 9 mo ruffle Oshkosh skirts & a 6-12 mo baby Gap jean skirt last week. Oh & she’s moved up to the toddler area of Target clothes. {I’m still getting used to walking to that section!}

I’ve been online consignment & sale shopping for 18mo clothes for Lucy for the end of summer /fall. I think she’s tall enough that she’ll be in 18mo pjs before too long.

We put a variety of one sized cloth diapers on her for daycare {bless them for continuing to let us bring in cloth!}. At night & while we vacation, she wears size 3 disposables.

Speaking of sleep, Lucy still is a bit of a challenge some nights to get down & then typically wakes at least once. She requires a mix of nursing, cuddles, walking, bouncing, & nursing {again} to get her to sleep. So she’s usually up hanging out with me in the evenings.

Lucy *loves* blueberries. She loves all fruit {except grapefruit} but blueberries are her jam. She’ll eat them my the handsful {shoving them in as quick as possible into her cheeks with her right while holding one gingerly in her left}. It’s hilarious until we have to cut her off so she doesn’t turn into a berry!

She’s had pizza, fish, more veggies, turkey breast, chicken casserole & peanut butter sandwich for the first time at home. Daycare does breakfast & she’s had nutragrain bars, frosting-less poptarts & muffins as well as chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwich & turkey pepperoni at daycare. So far, she likes or at least tolerates everything we put in front of her.

But her most excited faces still appear when I snap on the brown brestfriend nursing pillow. She’s become quite the acrobat while nursing, but she’s happily drinking from me before & after daycare & all weekend. I think getting her to wean might be a challenge, but luckily for her, we’re not quite there yet.

Sorry this is a week late, but happy 13 months sweet Lucy girl!