Our Lucy girl. She’s introduced us to quite a personality this last month. She knows what she wants & isn’t afraid to tell us~ that’s right, she’s gotten quite vocal with coos, cries & screams. She loves to be held & walked. No sitting down & rocking will chill her out. Reading books to her is okay. Bouncy seat is okay but without the vibration. She loves our ceiling (yay 80s popcorn), the fan & mobiles. She will chat away with anything overhead. It’s hilarious & so cute.

She loves the boob, breastfeeding, bottled breast milk, however she can get it. And lots. No worries with her missing a meal. After kinda caring less about the hospital pacis, I gave her a lamb wubbanub last week & she’s a fan. But she knows it’s not mom, so it’ll only pacify her for a bit.

Lucy is wearing 0-3 & 3 month clothing & Carter’s skinny 3 months outfits I have to stretch to get on her. She was in the 25% for all at their last appt but she’s our ‘chubby’ baby. We guestimate that she’s around 12-13 lbs now. She’s wearing size 1 disposables overnight & in cloth diapers during the day. We can still squeeze her precious leg rolls into XS & NB cloth covers but those days are limited.

To follow up on my unfinished Elusive Sleep post, I’ve given myself grace, tried to remove the self given pressure to get her to sleep in her crib. She’s sleeping well in the packnplay usually from 12-7a after fighting sleep from around 9p. We’ll give her boob or bottle around 7a & she will go back to sleep for a bit.¬†She typically wakes up happy with big smiles. This week, she’s done great during the day following a eat, play, nap routine. The naps have been on us, the couch on a boppy or in the rocknplay, but again with me taking off the pressure, I’m just happy that she’s contently sleeping.

Happy three month baby girl!