Twelve months. 52 weeks. 365 days. Lucy girl, you’re one year old! {Plus a day since it’s taken me a few days to write this post.}

Thanks to a stomach bug that hit you pretty hard, we spent the night before for birthday fairly similarly to how we were the previous year: on a hospital bed. This time you were wearing the {tiny, cute, but not so soft} gown as we were there due to mild dehydration. Thankfully you didn’t need an IV & were able to go home to Daddy & Zach after some Zofran & nursing with Mommy. We were all relieved you started your birthday {very early} am with a pee & more nursing. We are home together again for the third day thanks to more vom this morning as your Daddy was attempting to take you to daycare. But you’re keeping down your little bottles & I’m hopeful you’re on the mend as we have a big weekend ahead of us.

This past month has been so fun! Your long tongue has been put to work as you wiggle & wag it all around. You’ve learned to make fishy lips & to click your tongue & make funny noises by motor boating your lips & putting your finger over them. We think it’s just as funny as you do!

Your drooling is out of control! It’s a good thing Mommy & Cici have found cute teething bibs for you! You cut your 6th {top left} tooth this month. I didn’t even know it til one morning I saw it popped through!

Thanks to all the teeth, you’re an eating champ. You love all fruit- kiwi, strawberries, melon, pineapple, berry purees, applesauce & your favorite, bananas. You are more & more willing to try new things like deli turkey & ham & cheese, & you discovered Cici’s mashed cauliflower casserole & her four beans dish are delicious!

You’re getting 3 {on the best days} half breast milk/half formula bottles at daycare & the rest of the time you’re nursing still with Mommy. You *love* that {kicking your legs in excitement when you know what’s about to happen} & have been slightly jealous of Mommy nursing Brother & pumping in front of you while you’re getting little bottles the last few days.

I think you’ll keep us on our toes with your toddler meltdowns. We see silly glimpses of them when you take a tumble or don’t get to keep the toy your stole from Brother. For now, they make us smile & are fixed with a hug or a different toy.

Lucy, Mommy has been putting you in a few of her favorite 9 month clothes this past week before she packs them up for good. You’re 99% ready to be in all the cute summery 12 month clothes we’ve bought for you. I love your dresses & little bubble shorts & am glad you seem to too. Cici discovered some of Mommy’s dresses & brought them down for you. You’re going to {hopefully} love them. I can’t wait to see you in your swim suits at the beach this weekend!

At our 12 month appointment on your birthday you weighed 19 lbs 8 oz naked while you weighed 9.1 kg {just over 20 lbs} in too tight but clean lightweight pjs & a disposable diaper at the ER. I think before you got sick, you were around the 20 lb mark for sure. According to your doctor, you’re in the 50th percentile for weight, but at 28.5 inches tall just the 20th percentile for height. That surprised me a little as you seem pretty tall to me. Either way, we think you’re the perfect size.

You like people but you’re cautious. You hold back your awesome smiles until you’re sure about someone. This cracks me up in stores. You recognize & get so excited to see Mommy & Dada at the end of the day at daycare. You smile quick to Cici, Pops & aunt Sue when they come over & warm up to other family & friends pretty quick too. The joy across your face when you see your brother warms my heart every time.

You love your Dada & that’s still your favorite & most enunciated ‘word’. You throw mama mamas & blah blahs & gaga gagas together too but you haven’t yet called me by ‘name’.

Over the last month, you’ve gotten in a sleeping routine of going down around 9, waking up around 5 to nurse in bed with Mommy & will roll over & cuddle with us until we all get up around 7. You’ll sneak in a few 30 min cat naps as well as a two hour nap in the middle of the day.

You’re not walking or independently standing just yet. But you’re close cruising around. For now, you’ve discovered speed crawling will get you into everything the quickest & you’re sticking with that.

Happy {day late} birthday, sweet girl!

{Photo to come}